Water Quality

Water Quality
Two-pass, reverse osmosis with U.V. treatment USP water system.

Blending Systems

Blending Systems
Explosion Proof Batching and Filing Rooms

Capacity and Output

Capacity and Output
Capacity to produce approximately 125,000,000 cans a year

Filling line
6 State of the Art Filling Lines
• Automatic valve insertion
• Button on and off
• Automatic actuator and cap placement
• Flexibility • Can Cleaning
• Multi-Stage Filling
• Quick Change Over

Equipment Capabilities
Equipment Capabilities
• High-speed filling
• 200 per Minute
• 12 head Ultraflex gasser/shaker
• Mixes gas into concentrate at 500 rpm
• All lines can use various types of propellants
• Both liquid and gas form

Barrier Pack Technology
Barrier Pack Technology
Barrier Packaging. Excellent delivery system:
• Shave Gels • Lotions • Hair Sprays
• Post Foaming Hair and Skin products
• High Value, Upscale, OTC Drugs
• Barrier packaging reduces VOC’s by using:
• Nitrogen • Compressed air • CO2
• Product never comes in contact with propellant

Quality control

Quality Control Research & Development
Full Service Quality Control - R&D Laboratory