Top Quality Manufacturers

Assured Packaging has the Capacity to produce approximately 125,000,000 cans a year with 6 state-of-the-art filling lines. All lines can use various types of propellants. Both liquid and gas form.
Full Service Quality Control and Research and Development Laboratory.


• Over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space
• Under cup and Pressure filling
• State-of-the-art post-foaming gel facilities:
    - Shave gels
    - Hair care products

• Automatic filling and assembly:
    - Valve insertion
    - Button tipping and capping

• Flexible filling capability to provide small and large runs
• Formula & Packaging Development expertise
    - Hair Care
    - Personal Care

• Robust technical program

• Procurement services and vendor management program

• Innovative barrier packaging formats

• Wraparound shrink labeling, lithograph, pressure sensitive & silk-screened graphics