Welcome to Assured Packaging

Welcome to Assured Packaging
Assured Packaging Facility
A leading North American aerosol formulator and manufacturer
Is a full service contract manufacturer that provides high quality and expertise in the Aerosol Industry. The Assured Packaging name reflects what we stand for... certainty and security in the products we deliver!

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Over 20 Years of Delivering Excellence
Assured Packaging has a successful history of manufacturing aerosol products for over 20 years, with a track record of high quality and excellent customer service and an FDA approved facility with robust technical programs, world class blending and filling equipment and highly skilled people.

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Innovation in Packaging

Assured Packaging offers Barrier Pack Technology Shave Gels Post Foaming Hair and Skin products Lotions - High Value, Upscale, OTC Drugs Hair Sprays Barrier packaging reduces VOC’s by using - Nitrogen - Compressed air - CO2